In the year 2144

Featuring the voices of young people from Mess up the Mess.

Soundscape of overlapping voices, echoes.

VOICE 1: In 124 years, the year 2144, I'd like to imagine a much greener earth. An earth that has recovered from all the damage that has been done by mankind. An earth where things like global warming are nothing but bad memories....bad memories.

VOICE 2: What do you imagine the world to look like in 124 years time? Probably a polluted wasteland.

VOICE 3: In the year 2144, people will have started to respect the earth. The earth will be thriving. Sign Language will be taught in every school. And scientists will have found a way to travel to the moon without messing up the ozone and people will take day trips there.

VOICE 4: In 2144, we will either be burnt to a crisp by global warming or we would have sorted it out.

VOICE 5: In 124 years I feel like there will be two possible outcomes either we’ll all burn to a crisp in a polluted wasteland or we’ll all be awesome.

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